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Exclusive, LIFETIME (members only) access to  a database of thousands of Visa Sponsored Jobs from around the world, updated daily. (Value 97)

Exclusive, LIFETIME (members only) access to database of sponsors and accredited employers in each country, known to recruit immigrants for skills shortages, updated monthly. (Value $37)

Visa Sponsored Jobs Checklist to ensure you have covered all processes, documents and steps, before looking for work: (Value $17)

Where To Find Trustworthy Immigration advisers around the world – E-book, with links (Value $17)

Exclusive (members only) access to an International Resume Template, to create your own internationally accepted resume, to apply for and land your visa sponsored job  (Value $17)

Templated Cover letter (Value $17)

Exclusive member-only content on the skills shortages, visa sponsored jobs news, insider secrets, tips, and tricks of how to find and land a visa sponsored job – from expert recruiters and immigration consultants, posted regularly (Value $27)

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