Global Visa Sponsored Jobs Database

Global Visa Sponsored Jobs Database

Find Your Visa Sponsored Job Within the Next 10 Minutes

If you know how to find thousands of visa sponsored job within the next few minutes, then don’t read this…

But, if you are one of the thousands of people who spend countless hours in front of online job listings, unsuccessfully trying to find elusive visa sponsored jobs where overseas employers are screaming out for highly skilled immigrants like you … then this is for you.

Advertised Visa Sponsored Jobs are as scarce as hen’s teeth …

But, the way to find a job from an overseas employer, who is willing to employ an unknown immigrant, is even harder.

What are your odds of finding a visa sponsored job, in your niche, in your destination country, online?

Here is what you are up against!

Less than 20% of jobs ever get advertised…

 Less than 1% of available visa sponsored jobs are EVER advertised…
 Very few employers are even allowed by immigration legislation to employ immigrants…
 The majority of these employers will not advertise their jobs online, for various reasons…
 You, as an immigrant need to know who these employers are, before you will know where to look for jobs…
 And without knowing your destination country, and its economy and employers, you have a tough task just finding the employers, let alone their available jobs for immigrants…

We get cries of help to find visa sponsored jobs every single day!

We asked skilled migrants what their biggest issue was with visa sponsored jobs.

FINDING a visa sponsored job is most prospective immigrant job seekers biggest problem!

People wanted a LIST of jobs, more than they wanted to be shown how to find one themselves.

Global Visa Sponsored Jobs Database

Here is the good news…

These visa sponsored jobs do exist … by the thousands!

For example, in Australia in 2018, 165,000 work visas were approved.

The majority of these jobs are all visa sponsored jobs in some shape or form.

Yet – if you go and search for these jobs online, you will find very few advertised visa sponsored jobs in the job search listings.

In fact, most jobs ads will have this, “You must be eligible or have full working rights to work in Australia to be considered for this job.”

Seen that yet? You cannot apply for those jobs as an immigrant…

Where are all these 165,000+ visa sponsored jobs, and how can you find them?

We know that it is hard to find a visa sponsored job and we have come up with a solution.

We specialise in finding these jobs.


With our presence in the market as specialists in finding jobs for immigrants, we have become specialised in:

– Which employers want immigrants and are approved sponsors.

– Where and how these jobs are advertised/listed (and it is not on the job search engines!).

– And how to find them with specialised methods, such as precision software, written for our purpose.

We find them – by the thousands!

We add them to one database – Daily!

We created … 

The Global Visa Sponsored Jobs Database

You can finally: …

– Stop spending hours…days…weeks of your precious time trawling through online job ads, searching for these jobs,

– Go to ONE database where these jobs are published and updated for you – every single day.

– You can easily see which employers want immigrants

– Find templates of internationally accepted resumes

– Tips and tricks to apply and land a visa sponsored job

Global Visa Sponsored Jobs Database

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The Global Visa Sponsored Jobs Database

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