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The Global Skilled Worker Dilemma


Every day, on a global scale, employers find themselves in a dilemma – finding skilled workers.

Therefore, often recruit skilled workers from abroad.

Sometimes, due to the difficulty in finding and attracting these workers, these employers are willing to contribute to the relocation and visa costs of the workers, in a bid to attract them.

Employers offer assistance with visas, sponsoring skilled workers to work for them.

Global Visa Sponsored Jobs Database

Sponsorship Visas

Many countries offer specific visas which caters for these sponsorships, called sponsored visas.

Each has its own requirements and parameters, as determined by immigration law and regulations of the specific country, which the employers must abide by.

What Employers Offer

Most employers, willing, and allowed by law to attract workers from overseas, to visa sponsored jobs, will offer one or a combination of the following:

  • Assistance with visas or contribution towards the cost of visas
  • Assistance with relocation or contribution towards relocation costs
  • Accommodation, or contribution towards relocation costs
  • Other allowances e.g. travel allowances, fly-in-fly-out opportunities or remote assistance allowances
  • And more
Global Visa Sponsored Jobs Database

What We Do

Global Visa Sponsored Jobs Database

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(Please note, we are not recruiters, nor visa agents and cannot advise on the visa or working rights issues in the different countries).